Mrs Ogg’s Bloomers

It just occurred to me that it’s been 2 years since we lost Sir Terry Pratchett. It seems oddly fitting that I happen to be working my way through The Long Earth series, and happen to have discovered the lovely range of Discworld-inspired colourways from DyeNinja, over the weekend. 

When I think of Terry Pratchett – which is pretty often because his books have had a big influence on my imagination for the past 20 years – I am reminded of a great article by Neil Gaiman, (‘Terry Pratchett isn’t jolly. He’s angry‘) published in the Guardian in September 2014. For me the draw of Pratchett’s writing has always been the mix of anger and curiosity about the world – I suspect it’s the reason Sam Vimes is my favourite character – so this article resonated with me, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to share it.