5 Ways to Add Some Sci-Fi to Your Life

Is life feeling a little boring, and ordinary? Here are 5 Sci-Fi-themed ways to liven things up:

1. Pukka Three Cinnamon Tea

Pukka Cinnamon

Fans of Frank Herbert’s epic Dune novels will be familiar with the spice Melange – lynchpin of galactic trade; able to prolong life, and give access to mystic powers; smells a lot like cinnamon. I can’t say that Pukka’s Three Cinnamon Tea will actually prolong your lifespan, but it smells divine, and it’s certainly fun to pretend.

2. Everyday Cosplay

So you want to be a little more obvious in your sci-fi allegiances, but you’re not ready for the full Stormtrooper costume. Try some everyday cosplay; a way of playing subtle tribute to your heroes without looking like you’re on the way to a fancy dress party. The IGGPPC blog regularly posts ideas (including a great R2D2 get-up). You should also check out this comprehensive cosplay list on The Nerdy Girlie blog.

3. EVE Online

Or Star Trek Online. Or Star Wars: The Old Republic. Or Halo. Or Mass Effect. Whatever your preference (PC, console, subscription, F2P, one-off purchase) there’s a space-themed video game for you. Now, get out there and save that galaxy!

4. Build Your Own Spaceship

Sort of. Take a look at fellow blogger, sci-fi writer, and all-round awesome human being Eydris’ post on creating a Spaceship Office. Now try to tell me you don’t want one of your own.

5. Robot Chef

Got some money to spend? How about buying your very own robot chef? Coming to market in a couple of years, and only £10,000. For lighthearted speculation on whether the robot will accidentally cook your children, you can check out the We Have Concerns episode that alerted me to this device.

Hopefully I’ve sparked some ideas, or at least given you a good laugh. Now it’s over to you – what sci-fi inspired things should have made the list? Is life too much like sci-fi already? Will you be buying a robot chef? As always let me know in the comments.



  1. Eydris says:

    Lovely post! Thank you for including my space madness!

    1. epalmerbrown says:

      Madness? Or genius? 😉

      1. Eydris says:

        They say there is a fine line between them that often is crossed 😉

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