5 Reasons Why I Love Easter

Christmas is a necessary evil, leavening the cold and darkness of winter with celebration, but unfortunately ratcheting up everyone’s stress levels by 1000% in the process. I much prefer Easter, and here’s why:

1. It’s Spring!

I know Spring usually starts before Easter, but (barring the year with the freak Easter snowstorm) Spring is always in full swing by Easter; lambs gambol, there are crocuses and primroses everywhere, and it’s actually starting to feel warm.

2. Folar da Páscoa

I do like Hot Cross Buns, but what I most crave at Easter is Folár. This Portuguese Easter treat varies according to region; where I come from it’s a sweet bread, lightly flavoured with aniseed, with hard boiled eggs cooked into it, while in other parts of the country it can be savoury or have meat in it as well. It’s truly delicious, and much missed now I’m here in the UK.

3. Four Day Weekend

Easter may be a moveable feast, but at least it’s always on a weekend, and, with Good Friday and Easter Monday as Bank Holidays, it’s a chance to enjoy Spring and take a well-earned break. Unless you live in Scotland where they’ve given up Easter Monday for an extra holiday at New Year.

4. Roast Lamb

The Christmas roast is always problematic; I don’t like turkey, goose is pretentious, pheasant doesn’t leave much in the way of leftovers, and I don’t do a good roast pork, which leaves beef or chicken. Easter presents no such problem. The Easter roast is always lamb, which I consider to be the most delicious of meats. And I just lost all the vegetarians….

5. Easter Egg Hunts

Full disclosure: I don’t like Easter eggs. I’ve always preferred it when people just buy me regular chocolate for Easter. But I do like Easter egg hunts – the little baskets, the attempts to make things fair by partnering up the tiniest children with teenagers or adults so that they actually get some eggs, the rampant competitiveness that grips everyone as the hunt begins, and, of course, the moment when I get to be the generous person who donates her Easter eggs to the less fortunate hunters because I don’t like them anyway.

Happy Easter message.