5 Fantastic Notebooks

In case it was in any way unclear: I love stationery. But while I’m picky about pens, my love for notebooks is all-encompassing. Today I’m sharing 5 of my favourites.

Carpe Diem Mini Goals Notepad.1. Carpe Diem Mini Goals Notepad

Designed by the wonderful Mary Kate McDevitt, this is my preferred notepad for To-Do lists. Since I write lists on a daily basis I do tend to save this for the days I know will be hard work. The illustrations are beautiful and I find myself pushed to finish my list in order to justify using the pretty paper.

2. The Book of Curious Lists

Close up of Curious Lists Notebook.

Like the Carpe Diem pad, this was a Salt’s Mill bookshop find. To clarify, it’s on you to fill in the suggested lists, which range from ‘Ukelele Songs Appropriate for a Funeral’ to ‘Reasons to Evacuate a Castle’. It’s a great notebook to have with you any time you’re calling a company that’s likely to put you on hold, and doubles as a handy source of writing prompts when you’re in a creative drought.

3. Exercise Books

Cheap, and relatively nasty. You may be wondering why the exercise book is appearing in a list made by a stationery nut. Well sure, we all love pretty notebooks with fancy paper, but when it comes down to it we don’t want to write in them. What if we get it wrong? What if we waste the fancy paper? So instead I use exercise books, because they never make me think that; I can scribble and cross out to my hearts content without any guilt. And did I mention that they’re cheap?

4. Chartwell Survey Book

Once upon a time I was an Environmental Science student and had to go outside and do fieldwork. In Lancashire. In the rain. And this notebook was my best friend. The paper is so indestructible I have to assume that the Post-Nuclear Apocalypse world will be solely inhabited by cockroaches toting Chartwell Survey books. My preference is for the size that fits neatly into a pocket, which is handy to whip out when you want to note down a funny conversation you were listening to (“Me? Eavesdropping?” *waves notebook* “Environmental survey. Nothing to do with your fascinating conversation.”).

Evernote Screenshot5. Evernote

Can an app be stationery? Perhaps not, but this is definitely a notebook. Or several. Much as I love writing longhand, and the smell and feel of a crisp new page, the truth is that most of my note-taking, list-making, research, and writing goes straight into Evernote. It’s simply the easiest way to take notes on the go, and the fact that it syncs to the app on my laptop means I can write whenever and wherever I get the chance, then sit down to edit at a full-sized screen.