5 Pet Peeves

This month’s 5 things are minor annoyances – not things that make me see red, but definitely worthy of a tut or even a sigh:

1. People who try to get on the train before you can get off

If you’re already waiting on the platform then there really is no need to try to push your way onto the train before the passengers have got off. It’s nonsensical (trains wait at stations at least long enough for people to alight and board or rail companies would go out of business), and incredibly rude.

2. Coffee shops that close in the early evening

I rarely drink and I find that most pubs and bars play their music far too loud. Just occasionally I would like the option to go out in the evening for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and a chat with friends. Sadly none of the local coffee shops stay open past 7pm.

3. Too few places sell paneer

One of my favourite cheeses, and my favourite protein for curries, but notoriously hard to find in supermarkets unless there is a large Asian population locally. Makers of paneer clearly need to engage in a marketing campaign to raise awareness as people are seriously missing out. And yes, I am too lazy to make my own.

4. Ambiguous status updates

“Some days you really know who your friends are.” – True; I’ve probably just unfriended you for that passive-aggressive non-status. If you have a problem with someone sort it out with them directly please.

5. People who don’t put things back on the right shelf

I appreciate that sometimes you decide not to buy something after all, but could you please put the item back where you found it rather than leaving your ice cream melting in the bakery section?

So there you have them, my top 5 tut-worthy things. Are any of these on your list? Guilty and want to defend yourself? Let me know.