5 Best Scones in the UK

My brush with the microwaved scone (see 5 Weird Things) got me thinking about the good scones I’ve encountered, and I decided to share my top 5 with you:

1. Salt’s Diner, Saltaire

Big, buttery, not too crumbly, and warm from the oven if you order them at breakfast, these scones are the thing I most miss about my time living in Saltaire. Served with Tiptree jam (usually strawberry).

2. Loch Leven’s Larder, Kinross

Generous scones, crisp on the outside and coming in plain, fruit or cheese, with an occasional novelty ‘flavour of the day’ thrown in. Served with their own raspberry jam (well, probably not the cheese ones), we have been known to make the 30 min trip just to buy scones from the farm shop.

3. Tate Liverpool, Liverpool

Giant, crumbly, buttery scones that feel like a just reward for an hour or two of engaging with culture. Bonus points for the choice of Tiptree jams on offer – not enough places give you apricot jam with scones.

4. Tebay Services, M6 Westmorland

Would be higher on the list if I weren’t so greedy and therefore fond of BIG scones. Delicious nonetheless and served with a choice of their own homemade jams.

5. Abbey Parks Farm Shop, Boston

A nostalgic entry as it’s been a few years since I sampled the scones, but stopping here was definitely the only good thing about having to travel between Norfolk and Manchester for university.

Of course this is a somewhat limited list as I rarely travel further south than Norwich, so feel free to tell me about all those delectable southern scones I’m missing out on.