Retreat and Regroup

The observant among you will notice that I’ve made some changes to the pages on this site. The big one is that ‘The MA’ became ‘The PGDip’, and yes, the MA has become a PGDip, or will once I get my outstanding essays in.

It does seem, and feel, like a bit of an about-face when I’ve spent the last month or so telling everyone who will listen that I’m doing a Tolkien dissertation, but I think it’s the right decision. Dissertations are stressful in the best of conditions; I don’t want to get burnt out on studying because I’m trying to finish other work, go to work, and balance life stuff, and feel like I’m constantly on the back foot.

Does this mean I’ve given up?

No. I’m going to concentrate on the modules I need to finish, and then I’m going to look at next steps; my Approaches and Methods for Victorian Studies research proposal has the potential for an interesting project, and of course there’s still my interest in Tolkien and his world-building.

Retreat, regroup, and on to the next encounter.