Service resumed?

I’ve made this title a question because I’m only cautiously optimistic.

After a good start to the year, in both studies and blogging, my ongoing health issues knocked everything for six. The blog had to be dropped in favour of actually studying, and even then I found myself having to apply to defer submission of my assignments. As someone who had never previously missed a deadline this was a bigger psychological knock than I realised, and one that I’m still working through.

The purpose of this post is not to dwell on could-have-beens; I’m getting medical help which I hope will ensure this doesn’t happen again, and thankfully I have a very supportive department, who are actively helping me to look at my options to finish my MA in a strong position. My assignments, now due in January 2013, are either ready to be, or already drafted, and I have some strong ideas about the dissertation that will follow them.

Rather this post is a stake in the ground, telling myself that I have the energy and ability to blog regularly again, and to push me to start writing up some of the ideas and thoughts I’ve been sitting on during my 6-month hiatus. My agreement with myself is to blog once a week, usually focussing on my Postgraduate study experience, but considering PG study more generally as appropriate.

So, look forward to seeing you next week.